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Suction Excavation

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Suc-Exc UK Ltd provide suction excavator hire. Suction Excavation is used when typical hydraulic excavation machines will cause too much damage and/or site conditions do not support the use of such machines. Suction excavation work is fast and non destructive to the environment.

Suction Excavation Services Can Be Used For:

  • Gas/ Water/ Electric Utilities
  • Railway trackside maintenance and repair
  • Clearing away environmental damage
  • Replacing contaminated soil from roots of trees
  • Removing gravel from flat roofs
  • Cleaning blocked street gutters and gullies
  • Use in connection with horizontal boring units
  • Vacuuming up foliage
  • Underground construction work
  • Replacement of contaminated soil
  • Removal of material in the renovation of concrete structures
  • Renovation and the new laying of gas, water, cable, district heating and waste disposal pipelines

How the Suction Excavator Works

The suction excavator is designed to dig a hole in the ground, but to do so in such a way as to prevent damaging anything buried in the ground such as utilities. By using a high throughput of air (22,000 and/or 25,000 cubic meters per hour). This high velocity air current removes the material to be excavated through the suction intake attachment. This heavy material is deposited in the vacuum/holding container and any further smaller elements are eliminated by contact with reversing plates within the main air duct. Any remaining small particles are captured in a micro filter system ensuring that the final air flow escaping through the system is clean and dust free.

Suction Excavation provides a fast, efficient and safety improved method of excavating utilities. Whilst traditional contact mechanical excavation and manual excavation will always have a place in utilities and other sector contracts, Suction Excavation offers an alternative that is less intrusive, offers greater control using a keyhole approach thereby reducing the excavation size.

Every day the building contractors decide whether they want to take the risk involved in the excessive use of hydraulic excavators or opt for safety that is ensured by manual excavation at often high costs. Suction Excavators offer the economical alternative!

Our Suction Excavators can be used for removing:

  • Heavy soil, presence of buried cables and pipes
  • Dry and heavy soil
  • Wet and heavy soil or clay
  • Moderately heavy soil, presence of buried cables and pipes
  • Muddy soil, gravel and crushed rock
  • Sandy soil
  • Water

We are an experienced and established suction excavation company and all of our drivers are fully qualified and trained to the highest standard. For all suction excavation needs call 0208 592 9595 or contact us through the website for a fast response to your enquiry.

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Economical solution in applications where a high risk of damage forbids hydraulic excavation machines.

By using a high throughput of air we are able to safely remove materials to be excavated.

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Suction excavator services are the economical solution in applications where a high risk of damage forbids the use of hydraulic excavation machines, and/or the jobsite conditions make conventional excavation impossible. Suction Excavators services assures instant operability, quick non-destructive excavation, and reduce interference with traffic and minimise the impact on the environment. Read more...

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